Monday, September 8, 2014


1. Get Organized. Use tools that will save you time and keep them in a bucket or basket. 
 As you go room to room take the basket with you to save time versus back tracking. I prefer
using extension dusters (no ladder) dusting cloths (no polish) disinfecting wipes (no water).

 2. Start at the top and work your way down.  The technique to Speed Cleaning is to have

 a system. High dust, mid dust and low dust in that order.  Floors last.  Work the room in a circle
 and you 
won't forget anything.

 3. Do one room at a time and complete it.  If you don't it's easy to get distracted and forget

where you left off.  If you jump from room to room at the end of the cleaning session you might 
not have one fully cleaned room, and that would be discouraging.

 4. Don't Clean-Clean.  Most people spray glass cleaner all over their bathroom mirror and 

the only place it is dirty is on the bottom!  Pro cleaners know a microfiber cloth used dry can lift 
the dust off the top of the mirror.  Spray the mirror only where it is dirty and wipe clean.

 5. Spray Less Clean Less.   In America we think more of something is better.  NOT true 

when it comes to cleaning your furniture, glass, or mirrors.  The more you spray the
more work you create for yourself.  Use tip #4 every time you clean.

 6. Don't do windows the old fashioned way.  Newspaper leaves ink residue, paper towels

 leave lint behind--the best bet, microfiber cleaning cloths for small areas and a professional
window squeegee for windows. That is the best way to get a streak free shine or use a microfiber

7.  Stay away from Vinegar and Sponge mops. Vinegar can erode the finish on your

beautiful floors and sponge mops harbor bacteria and germs like no other! I prefer a
 microfiber washable mop head.  It will clean better than a traditional mop and bucket.
Just place a clean pad on the mop head and mop the floor. I also like the Shark Sonic Duo
Scrubberfor floors.  It scrubs and cleans in 1/2 the time.

 8. Wood Surfaces. Use lemon oil on all those porous wood surfaces that have suffered

 through the Summer's dry heat. Not only will the lemon oil treat the wood and restore the
moisture and shine to it, but it will cover most scratches from the pets or kids in the house
that have "knicked up" your oak baseboards.

9. Speed Dusting.  Stop overs spraying your furniture polish, spray your cloth only.  

Over spraying wood surfaces causes gummy fingerprints and build-up attracting more dust.  
Fall is the perfect time to have your duct work cleaned. That will not only improve your indoor
 air quality, but it will help eliminate the dust that has settled in the vents and duct work.  It's also
 wise to get thechimney swept for safety.

 10. Off with the Shoes! 85% of the dirt that comes into your home comes from the bottom 

  of shoes! No wonder those carpets always look so bad after the winter months! Call an
 ICCRC Certified Cleaner to come and thoroughly clean your carpets, and be sure to reapply
carpet protector on the all carpeting.(Normal foot traffic and carpet cleaning removes the carpet
protector from the fibers over time.)

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