Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Cleaning Tips!

Halloween Cleaning Tips- So You Don’t
Frighten Your Guests Away!

Halloween Parties are the one time of the year cobwebs are seasonably in fashion!   I love this time of year, Caramel apples, apple cider and candy!   Busy people like myself, can hardly find the time to clean, let alone throw a Halloween party or trick or treat get together!. It's no secret, people tend to judge our home by the way it looks and smells. 

When entertaining this Halloween, we all want out homes to look as impressive as possible, because it is a nice reflection on us and it makes the guests feel more comfortable. Sometimes I wish I was "Bewitched" and all I had to do was look cute and twinkle my nose and the whole house would be clean!  If you feel overwhelmed at times when it comes to cleaning up your home, this month's 5 easy tips focus on what your guests will see!  Don't worry about cleaning closets and organizing drawers, guests don't even notice them!

I like to  decorate my house to look frightfully spooky and incredibly fun at the same time.  However, those REAL cobwebs, where REAL spiders live really need to come down out of our corners and ceilings so we really "don't" frighten the guests away!   If you think you can skip the cleaning and let the cobwebs stay up for a little more ambience, rest assured your guests will know the difference between artificial cobwebs used to decorate and real cobwebs that you just have neglected to clean! 


Follow these quick tips so your guests feel like they are in a "Boo"tiful home!

Cleaning before the Company comes!---Here's the Five Signs of a Clean Home!

1. What Guests SEE.   Do a visual sweep of the room with your eyes.  Stand at your front entry door and look around the room, what looks cluttered and untidy?  Be sure to straighten couch pillows, remove clutter like shoes, magazines and messy shelves. 

Guests see your floors the minute they enter  your home.  A dirty floor says, "dirty house" to guests!  Keep your floors clean in just minutes with Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Spray Mop   It cleans better than a traditional mop and bucket!  With the cleaner on board you can spray your way to clean in minutes.   . 

2. What Guests can FEEL.  Do your floors feel dirty on gritty on your bare feet?   If so, use the Quick Shine Hardwood Floor mop dry to give you a clean you can feel, it does clean better than a traditional broom and dustpan.

 3.  What Guests TOUCH.  Pass the white glove test!  Nothing is worse than a dusty coffee table, bookshelf or mantle.  Dust is a sure sign you have been slacking a little on the cleaning!  Dust first and vacuum last.  Unless you have a horrible vacuum that blows dust back in the air, then dust last.

4.  What Guests SMELL . If you have pets, or a fish smell from last night’s dinner, it can send an offensive smell to your guests the moment they walk through your front door.  To get your home smelling great, ask a friend to tell you how your home smells.  Studies have shown the nose adapts to certain smells after time. Your house may smell good to you, but to your guests, it could smell like a litter box.  I like to use a Pine scented cleaner like Hexol, it makes your home smell clean and disinfected the minute guests hit the front door!

5. What Guests see that SHINES.  A dull sink fixture, streaky mirror, and dull floor can make your house look unsightly.  Take the time to buff your sink fixtures, shine your stainless steel surfaces and clean front entry glass, and don't forget the bathroom mirrors.  Let your home shine!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Night Spooktacular Tips!


Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year! It's the official start of  the first Fall holiday with warm, tantalizing aromas wafting through the air in the kitchen. Pumpkin bread, muffins, pie  ahhh....the smells.  My husband loves this time of year also!  We tend to over decorate, over bake and over indulge on anything chocolate!

Your little ghosts and goblins may go to more parties than just one, and let's face it, they can come home pretty messy and worn out!   Here's some tips to help make your Halloween season stress free this year!

TRICK OR TREATER Tips for Parents

1. Removing face paint and makeup – Baby oil will work gently and remove even the scariest goblin's face without complaints.  No tears I promise!

2. Make-up from clothing
– For those messy little trick-or-treaters who are sure to rub their noses with a sleeve, don't stress. Just use a little orange oil cleaner to pre-treat the clothing and gently work-in before laundering.  Tide to Go pen works wonders too!

3. Avoid bumps and bruises – Make sure your children's costumes do not drag on the ground, potentially causing them to trip and fall. Hold hems up with safety pins to ensure a safer walk for your child.  Who wants a skinned knee and bloody elbow, when they are working on their candy mission?

4. Stop tummy aches before they start – Make sure your child has a full tummy and no spicy foods prior to eating their trick-or-treat candy!  Rolaids or tums work great.  Keep soda pops and sugary drinks out of their reach.

5. Don't forget the old tale about poison candy – Before your children eat any of their trick-or-treat candy; always check the wrappers to make sure nothing looks suspicious. Throw anything away that you are unsure of. Have your children help in this process so that they understand its importance.  If you want to keep all your favorite chocolate bars from their loot, then do the candy screening in private.  What kids don’t know won’t hurt them!

6. Yuk! Sick Kid Fallout –
Every year at least one little goblin in your group will experience a green face and a quick trip to vomit in the restroom (if they can make it there!). For quick clean up, scrape up with a  dust pan and a spatula and flush away as much as possible down the toilet. For carpets use a mild dish detergent with cold water and clean, absorb the liquid with a cotton towel. To prevent bacteria and odors, use an enzyme cleaner.  For clothing quick action with cold water and mild dish detergent should stop any staining.