Tuesday, April 21, 2015

3 Refrigerator Cleaning Hacks -You Can't Live Without These!

Do you open your fridge and see leftovers that have been in there for months?  Do the bottom of your jars stick to the shelves?  Is there a fruit or veggie in the drawer so full of mold it's become hard to identify it's origin?  If so, time for genius Cleaning Hacks for your fridge.  Check them out, and share them with your friends!  #refrigeratorhacks #lauradellutri #Getorganized

Hack #1  Velcro a Sharpie inside the fridge!  Write the dates on all dinner left overs.

HACK #2  Label the expiration dates on items like eggs, cheese and dips.

HACK # 3 Use plastic bins for easy access to bulk vegetables and fruits.

Keep things in place with baskets.