Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A Date night with your significant other can seem next to impossible when you have children. What's a parent to do?  Take your kids on a date night!  It's probably less expensive than the $10 an hour babysitting fees, and you get special time, carved out for you and them. 
It's great to create memories with your family that will last a life time.    Date Nights with your children individually or as a family can change future generations to come.  The special things you do with your children will be repeated with their children and then your great grandchildren.  Get creative and enjoy the dates, they will put a smile on your face and theirs!
It's fun putting a tie on your little guy and taking him out to your favorite restaurant!   It's also a perfect time to teach them proper manners at a fine eating establishment.  A kid's date night should be fun and well planned.  Remember it's up to  you to teach them how to behave in public at a restaurant, bowling alley, sporting event, pumpkin patch and ice rink.. I found these on Pinterest.

From that favorite “childhood” pizza place  to that special game at the local high school, you can’t afford not partake in the little things that bring a smile to your children’s faces. You can save money by leveraging local entertainment and food deals to make it a part of your monthly budget.  You can use the Valpak.com mobile app or Groupon.com can offer special discounted rates that will help save you in some cases up to 50%.

There are also plenty of FREE things to do with your children on a date night! 
  1. PLAN THE DATE NIGHT If it’s once a week or once a month to give the children something special to look forward to.
  2. TRY NEW THINGS! If you always go skating don’t be afraid to go for LAZER tag, skating rink or a new museum.
3. GO ON LINE FOR COUPONS Be a savvy parent and teach your children money doesn’t grow on trees!  It's best to let them help you find the deals, days of the week for discounts etc.



Renewed and Re-Motivate

If you fell off the fitness wagon shortly after New Year’s, not to worry. Beach season is still a few months away. Shed a few pounds and learn how an active body keeps the stress away. I like to give myself a Mini-Spring makeover to get me Summer-beach ready, so I can feel confident and good about myself.

  1. Energize with Exercise! It doesn’t matter if you start a Zumba class, join a fitness center or start walking 3 miles a day. What does matter is you will look great and feel energized with a new work-out routine. Don’t have time? Wake up an hour earlier, you will be glad you did. Look for great fitness coupons for classes in your ValPak mailer.
  2. 30 days of Healthy Eating You can do anything for 30 days! It’s not forever. Eating healthy is easy if you meal plan the month, pack low calorie snacks and NEVER be hungry. Eating low calorie 6 times a day will stave off hunger and the results with exercise can make you feel great when you look in the mirror. Check out ValPak businesses that offer the nutritional 30 day meal plan, to help you stay on track.
  3. Flaunt your Assets Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with you, focus on what’s right! Do you have pretty eyes? Accentuate them with a new style of eye make-up or mascara that makes your eyes stand out. Is your hair long, thick or a beautiful color? Try a new hair style that showcases your hair or add a new color! Is your smile gorgeous? Try a new lip liner and lip stain to accent them.
  4. Get the Summer Glow Are you self -conscious about “white legs” or “cellulite”? Stop stressing and start camouflaging. Tanned bodies look smoother, sleeker and beach ready. Let’s face it, a little fat always looks better tanned. Spray tans, self-tan creams and tanning beds offer solutions to imperfections. You can try a variety of tan options and get a great savings by checking out ValPak coupons in your zip code.

Spring Things!

Spring is officially here!  That means it’s time to get all the Spring Cleaning chores done without getting stressed out and feeling overwhelmed.   Take a deep breath, maintain a sense of calm, and enlist the help of family members and professionals where needed.  
Here’s a sample checklist to get you started;

1.             Garage:   This is the first place you start.  You don’t want to drag more dirt and blowing dust in your fresh cleaned home.  Most people use the garage as an entrance, so technically it’s the best place to start. Empty everything in driveway, donate or trash unused items. Organize, sweep and hose floor, and replace your items more organized than before.  If you don’t have the time or energy to do the work, go to Valpak phone app or coupon mailer for a cleaning service or professional organizer.
2.             Windows and Screens:  Get a pro window squeegee and learn how to use on line.  Wipe all screens and windowsills with all-purpose cleaner in a bucket with a cloth.  Vacuum dead bugs and cobwebs.  If you lack window cleaner skills, call a pro.
3.             Ceiling to Floor:   Start high since dust and dirt fall.  Start cleaning ceiling fans, lights, then shelving and crown molding, wash walls with a flat microfiber mop, then clean baseboards with damp cloth with all-purpose cleaner.
4.             Clean the Carpets:  Time to call in the Pros! I go to my ValPak app on my phone to find savvy savings and professional service.   To maintain the carpet cleanliness, purchase carpet protector spray at a home improvement store.  Spills will stay on top of carpet fibers and can be easily cleaned by patting with a dry cloth.
5.             Closet Chaos:  Organize the closets.  Remove everything.  Throw out empty shoeboxes, mismatched hangers. General rule:  If you haven’t worn in 2 years, give away or donate.  Wipe shelves and replace much more organized than you found it!
6.             Appliances:    Clean interiors, exteriors.  Be sure to clean dryer lint filter in dryer and the liquid powder dispensers in your washing machine.  For HE washers use a special cleaner to remove odors.