Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Cinco De Mayo Recipes & Taco Tuesday Family Memories


I am a lucky lady.  My mother in law taught me how to make tamales, enchiladas, mole, carne adovada, and my absolute favorite TACOS.  We have tacos on Tuesdays and they are easy to make and a family favorite. On basic tacos, I just go with an easy recipe.  My taco and guacamole recipe are family friendly and easy to make.  When I serve Tacos I use the Lazy Susan Taco Bar from it not only looks festive, but it's so easy for everyone to build their tacos with all the great ingredients!  The hot pot in the middle keeps meat hot, and the compartments keep condiments cold.  Having a Cinco De Mayo party this year?  It's perfect.  Check out this quick video with all the details.  Don't forget to follow me on TikTok FB, IG, Pinterest and Twitter @lauradellutri.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

5 Star Guest Room for Your Overnight Visitors

I love having family and friends come to visit.   Entertaining & cooking are two of my love languages, so it's exciting getting the guest room ready for people.   Guests have told me the bedding smells so crisp and fresh, and the love the extra touches.  That makes me feel good. 

  Here's a few more of my most simple essentials to make a guest room 5 star without draining a lot of your time or money!

1. Sleepy and heavenly. It's so important to have quality sheets and bedding, to pamper your guests. Stick with a 1000+ thread count, with a quality Egyptian cotton. You can find a few good deals on Amazon.  Add a mattress topper to make it like a heavenly cloud.   When cleaning the bedding, I double the fabric softener.  Put 1 capful in wash cycle and 1 capful in the rinse cycle, and place a bounce sheet in pillow cases. 

2. Invest in a luggage rack. You can find a quality luggage rack, wood or metal frame online. This helps prevent guests from having to bend over to reach luggage on the floor.

3. Make a coffee station with snacks. Tea, coffee and hot cocoa are a treat to have in your guest room. I like the Single serve Keurig brewing stations, they offer many beverage choices and don't take much space  The snacks, also help with late night munchies. Don't forget to place 2 bottled waters in the room, no charge of course!
4. Include Robes & Slippers. Placing robes in a guest room, truly make a guest feel pampered. It takes your guest room to a whole new level, just like a posh hotel. 

 5. Go the extra mile. Chocolate on the pillow, a bottle of wine with glasses, can make a guest feel welcome & loved!  It's my way of letting guests  know, they are special, and deserving of 5 star treatment.

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