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Family Dollar Teen Room Makeover! LIFE COACHING FOR MESSY TEENAGERS!

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As a Home and Life Style Expert I have been Life Coaching people for years on Blended Families, Teenagers,  Home Decorating, Party Planning, Dealing With In Laws & Out Laws in the Family, Weight Management, Beauty Make Overs, Cooking, Cleaning, Family Life, Personal Relationships, Home Makeovers and Product Purchases.  Many of my makeovers aired on National TV Shows, my books mentioned family relationships, overworked Moms and other life issues we deal with day to day.

Now I want to take all of those experiences, wisdom and know how and share them with you!  For the month of September only, I am looking for new clients and offering one free hour of consulting.  All you have to do is email me at and I will send you the necessary forms to fill out.  It includes a confidentiality  agreement, a liability release and questionnaire about your coaching needs.  For More Info on me or

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Halloween Tips

1. Removing face paint and makeup – Ponds Cold Cream will work gently and remove even the scariest goblin's face without complaints.

2. Make-up from clothing – For those messy little trick-or-treaters who are sure to rub their noses with a sleeve, don't stress. Just use a little orange oil cleaner to pre-treat the clothing and gently work-in before laundering.

3. Avoid bumps and bruises – Make sure your children's costumes do not drag on the ground, potentially causing them to trip and fall. Hold them up with safety pins to ensure a safer walk for your child.

4. Stop tummy aches before they start – Make sure your child has a full tummy and no spicy foods prior to eating their trick-or-treat candy!

5. Don't forget the old tale about poison candy – Before your children eat any of their trick-or-treat candy, always check the wrappers to make sure nothing looks suspicious. Throw anything away that you are unsure of. Have your children help in this process so that they understand its importance.  In this day and age, it's better to be safe!

6. Sick Kid Fallout – Every year at least one little goblin in your group will experience a green face and a quick trip to vomit in the restroom (if they can make it there!). For quick clean up, scrape up with a putty knife and throw away as much as possible. For carpets use a mild dish detergent with cold water and clean, absorb the liquid with a cotton towel. To prevent bacteria and odors, use an enzyme cleaner from Sam's or a janitorial supplier.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Coaching for Busy People- BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO!


Do you know someone going through a bad break up?  We have all been through one and it's no fun. In fact it's very difficult to get through up a bad break until you go through the entire process.  That includes;

1.  Shock, broken heart, crying.
2.  Anger and numbness adjusting to change.
3.  Grief and loss mourning the death of the relationship.
4.  Acceptance, adapting to a new life style.
5.  Maturity and moving on through life.

 If you wanted the break up, it might be a little easier on you, however the person being rejected can suffer greatly.  When a break up occurs in a relationship with years of invested time, it can be a total shake up in your life. You share the same friends, family and in some cases, children.  If there is any chance of saving a marriage, you should get professional help, a Pastor or Counselor have great success rates helping couples with therapy and spiritual counseling.

 If you are in the middle of a break up and there is no turning back, just accept the first few weeks as your transitional phase and processing the shock of it all.  Once you accept the change it will be easier to move into the next phase of life, reinventing yourself and carving out a new beginning.

Believe it or not a break up can actually be the best thing that has ever happened to you, if it triggers you to become a more spiritually, physically, and mentally balanced person.


1.  Realize you can only control yourself.  If the other person doesn't want to be with you don't try to manipulate them to be with you.  If you don't want to be with the other person, end it quickly and honestly. You can only control your actions and you want them to be stellar, regardless of how it ends.

2. Don't call, text, or email.  Accept the break up, don't try to manipulate or coerce someone into being with you in a relationship.  It would be unhealthy for you to hang on to someone who doesn't want to be with you.  If you are the person breaking up, DO NOT continue to try and be friends and "check" in on them.  It could give them false hope, they might think  you really do care about them and want to stay in the relationship.

3. Get rid of all triggers that remind you that person. It's important to clean house, put everything in a box until you are healthy enough to deal with it, if you are the one suffering rejection.  If you are the one breaking up and moving on, it's still healthy to take down pictures and other memorabilia from the relationship.

4.  Do a self assessment.  Take a look at yourself in a full body mirror.   Are you happy with your clothing style?  Do you like your hairstyle?  Have you been wanting to get into shape but didn't have the time because you were so involved in the relationship? Do you like your job?  Do you have something you have been wanting to do for years but never had the guts to do it?
Write down on a piece of paper all the things you love about yourself, then the things you want to change about yourself.  Then just DO IT!! 

5.  Reinvent yourself.   Change your hair color, style and even your make-up.  Pick up a new tan at a salon or out of a bottle.  Update your wardrobe with some new items.  Get a new cologne or perfume.  Add one new athletic sport to your life and one new hobby, you will open up a whole new social life.  To spiritually connect start trying out new churches.  When you find the right one, you will know it.  In a nutshell, become a better you. 

6.  Be Adventuresome.  Have you ever wanted to go on a mission trip to a 3rd world country, hike a mountain, take cooking classes, salsa dance, fly a plane,  mountain bike or Zumba?  Now is the time to try something new, different and something you can be passionate about!  JUST DO IT!

7.  Don't waste time with a victim mentality.  It's unbecoming and any new dates don't won't to hear about how victimized you were in the last relationship.  You can have a hundred different people that would offer or want  to marry you in this lifetime.  100 different people you could date and have a 100 totally different life styles.  There is not one big soul mate like you see  in the movies.  It's just two people committed to sharing their life together, sticking it out through the tough times and never getting divorced.

8.  Find a strong support system.  Good friends and family are your most valuable asset through a break up.  They will be your support system encouraging you and helping you through your transitional stage.  Your friends and family may be honest and tell you, they never really liked the person you were with in the first place because you two weren't a good fit. If you don't feel comfortable with family or friends it might be good to talk to a Life Coach ( sometimes you just need an unbiased third party to help encourage through the rough times.   Remember, don't settle for an unhealthy relationship.  The next person you get in a relationship with, may be the right person for you.  You then will be glad you walked away from the last relationship amicably.

9.  Change your routines, and enjoy the ride.  We have all heard the clich├ęs about taking time to smell the roses.  When is the last time you did smell a rose?  How about  taking a scenic drive through the mountains or the country?  How about taking a different route to work?  Get yourself out of the mundane on the simple daily routines.  Clear your head and enjoy the ride.

10. Find a best friend and you will find the perfect mate.  Some people say opposites attract.  In some cases that maybe true, however finding someone you have a lot in common with can make life a whole lot easier.  If you share a passion for something, spiritually or physically like cycling, hiking, cooking, church  etc...that offers you a companion to play with for a life time.  My husband is my best friend and playmate (see picture above).  We both survived bad break ups.  You can too!!

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The laundry just keeps piling up and the socks keep getting lost.  What's a person to do?
1. Wear your clothes more than once. As long as your clothes do not retain bad odors you can certainly wear them more than once! To eliminate outdoor smells from your clothes and keep them fresh-smelling, use a Bounce® Sheet with Febreze™ or Spray with Febreze to freshen before wearing.

                    2. Clean only what is dirty. When items look worn and have lost their shape, it’s time to clean them.

3. For fresh food and drink spills, pick up an instant stain remover like Tide to Go® which can remove these stains and allow you to re-wear items.

4. Wear jeans and pants more than one day. Yes, even the most fashion-conscious celebrities on TV have confessed to wearing jeans 4-7 times before washing! If they can, so can you!

5. Use scented laundry detergents. I find that Tide Simple Pleasures™ Vanilla and Lavender gives my clothes a really fresh and fragrant scent.

6. Inspect your children's clothes in the dirty laundry basket. Sometimes children may toss clothes into the hamper to avoid hanging them back up! If you think the clothes look clean and they smell fresh, re-hang or re-fold. They will never know the difference.

7. Children can do laundry too! Encourage your children to wash their own clothes once they start Jr. High. Teach them this task-starting early is the key to getting kids to like laundry. Younger children can even fold washcloths and clean your lint filter. That's fun to them!

8. Reuse towels. Hotels do it, so can you.  Bathroom towels can be hung to dry and then used again, conserving energy and protecting the environment.

9. Purchase king size capacity washing machines that are High Efficiency (HE) labeled. Not only are these machines energy efficient money savers, but most models also offer double laundry load capacity. This is what I like the best---cutting your laundry time in half! I like extra large capacity Washing machines that can do 2 laundry basket loads at once! It’s important to remember that you must use an HE specific laundry detergent in these machines. Regular laundry detergent creates excess suds and is not considered safe for your HE washing machine. Good news, there’s Tide® HE, a line of laundry detergents that are formulated specifically for HE machines that still give the cleaning power you want.
10. Prioritize! When all else fails, take your laundry to a drop off laundry service or hire someone to come into your home and do your laundry. Even if you don’t have the time or energy to get it done on your own, you are assured the task is being accomplished.

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Patio furniture most often becomes the centerpiece for all of you summer outdoor barbecues, parties, and much more. When entertaining, guests flock to the outdoor table lined with food and the chairs surrounding friends and family. It turns your backyard into your dining room for the season. With all the wear and tear outdoor furniture takes, it is imperative that you properly clean and store your furniture over the fall and winter months. In order to have this furniture for years to come without needing to restore or worse, replace them every year, you need to take good care of them. After all, you don't want your guests sitting in the grass next summer! Here are some great tips to keep in mind this fall!  
Goo Gone RemoverMany people will just simply pull their patio furniture into the garage for the autumn and following seasons. SORRY FOLKS! It's not that easy. Leaving furniture dirty can ultimately damage it and most of all make it much more difficult to clean when you pull it back out for summer. Cleaning your outdoor furniture isn't hard and it will most definitely prolong the life of your furniture. I recommend that you use an easy wipe. Goo-Gone to remove sticky residues, like fly juice and other yucky messes.  Goo Gone is extremely effective on cutting through built up outdoor dirt. I personally love the wipes because it saves time and rag washing! It easily wipes away mildew stains, tree sap, and suntan lotion without harming plants or pets. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. Goo-Gone  work wonders on awnings, cushions, umbrellas, decks, resin, wicker, and plastic.


Visit the Goo-Gone site at for purchasing information.

I am going to share a little secret with you that is going to allow you to have brand new looking furniture for next year with out spending any money…. WASH YOUR CUSHIONS! Fabrics and cushion on patio furniture often become dull because of  outdoor dirt.  Most furniture with fabric and cushions will have a special finish to repel damaging liquids, mold and mildew. Yet, excessive dirt can leave your cushions looking UCKY! With an easy scrub and hose down outside, you'll have your furniture looking brand new in no time. I have found the easiest and  fastest way to clean the cushions is to do the following:  Mix ¼ Cup X2 Ultra Tide with 2 Gallons of warm water. Scrub lightly with a sponge over the cushions (rough scrubbing may break the protective seal). Thoroughly hose down and leave the cushions leaning upward on a side to dry fast.

It's time to make room for your patio furniture! It’s understandable if you don’t have a special reserved location for your patio furniture’s winter storage. Nobody does! But you are going to have to attempt  to make some room.  Indoor storage is best for all outdoor furnishings.  It will significantly prolong the life of your furniture by storing it in a garage, shed, or other storage area. Make a generalized area for it and stack it properly if necessary.  I also recommend tying bed sheets over the furniture with a bungee cord to keep out any creeper crawlers that may damage it.   Keep in mind mice can turn your favorite patio cushion into a five star resort!  Some mice traps or sticky pads for mice may be a good idea!
So if you came to the conclusion that you cannot store you outdoor furniture inside because you are, let say, "spatially challenged" then I have another solution.  The Cover Store carries Covermate, which are high quality outdoor covers at a very reasonable price. The great thing is that you'll be able to use them year after year and you won’t ever have to move you patio furniture again! Most covers run between $13.00-$20.00 and they have a size for virtually every piece of furniture.
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Labor Day is great reminder that it's time to get that age old ritual of FALL CLEANING done before the cold winter sets in!  Most people start their FALL CLEANING inside the home, I start it in the garage. There is a method to my madness, because dirty garages blow dust and dirt into a freshly cleaned home! 

Step #1 Empty your garage
This is a laborious task, but do it! Take everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of your garage and put it in the driveway. Anything that you have not used in the last 2 years is time to give away. I usually put a "FREE STUFF" sign (or have a garage sale) on my corner and everything walks away!

This year at the house wares show I found great garage organizers that are affordable. Most of these you can buy online at Sears!

Step #2 Dumpster or Trash can?
If you think I am kidding – think again! We all know someone who needs a dumpster pulled up to their home! If you have shelving in your garage this is best place to start off your cleaning adventure. Organize your shelving in a user friendly manner. You still need car doors to open and the ability to lug your groceries in without bumping into everything. 

Begin by sorting through everything on your shelves and categorize them into piles: kids stuff, toys, tools, miscellaneous, etc. Don't try to organize things on the shelf! This will only cause confusion and it will take more time. 

After you have removed items from the shelves, decide what to toss BEFORE putting it back on the shelf. When determining whether or not to keep something ask yourself these three simple questions:

1. Do I need this?
2. When is the last time I used it? (If more than 2 years, chances are you can live without it!) 
3. Is it taking up space I don't have? 

Step #3 Start at the Top
High dust, mid dust, then low dust. This is a systematic approach to dusting that will expedite the whole process (learn more about this tip and other great tips in Speed Cleaning 101)

You may have a lot of dust, cobwebs, and dirt build up on your shelves so DO NOT start with anything wet. Making mud is not progressive! I recommend dusting all of your shelves with a Swiffer extension handle duster. Get the dust off first! Have a vacuum close by to suck up the dust and dirt and by all means wear a mask! You really don't want to breathe all those allergens. Once you've got all the dirt and debris up, you are going to want to wipe down all the surfaces. I suggest using paper towels first with water only for really neglected shelving. Then use wipes or an all purpose cleaner to wash all of the shelves. For any wood or porous shelving use a damp to wet cloth with a small amount of dish soap.

Step #4 Move Things on the Floor
I always start this step by moving any big appliance that sits on the floor out of my garage. Get them completely out of your way. This will make for a faster and more efficient clean. Wipe ANYTHING and EVERYTHING down. From refrigerators to tool boxes, there should be no dust or dirt on any of it. This is not as time consuming as it sounds. Just give everything a quick wipe down while it's in your driveway. You don't want to bring dirty things back into your clean garage, do you?! Then sweep, vacuum and clean your garage floor. My husband uses a pressure washer and a leaf blower to get the dust out. I think he just likes using the power tools to do the job. He feels like RAMBO and TIM ALLEN at the same time.

Step #5 Preventive Cleaning works best.
Once the garage is clean, try to make a habit of giving it a quick vacuum and wipe down every few months. You will find your house will stay cleaner, and you won't have the big mess every Spring!