Friday, October 11, 2013


If you have ever wanted to make a difference in a Girl's Life check out one of the best ways to do it!


It's wonderful having a laptop that has a removable tablet screen! I love my HP Split x2 Laptop tablet. It has changed my life because I am faster, more organized and the Windows 8 helps me juggle back and forth between my 6 email accounts. Love it! Check out the's a must for your XMAS list!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Tailgating Tips!

Football Season is here and that means Fall Tailgating is a must! I love Tailgating and pride myself in being the hostess with the mostest in all seasons and in all elements! Tip#1 Bring on the power. You need to have a power source for the crockpot, electric skillet, radio etc. Check out Sears Diehard Portable Power 1150 Tip#2 Bring the papertowels, and a bungee cord for the lift gate or tent awning. .. Tip#3 Keep the hot and cold contained! Certain items only taste good hot or cold. That is why I like a cooler that does both like the Coleman Chill Cooler. Tip #4 Cold Beverages for Adults. Skip the suds and pick up Barefoot Refresh a new and flavorful and light bodied wine by Barefoot. It is best served cold or over ice. Think of it as Barefoot's WIne Spritzer lightly carbonated and totally refreshing. There are FOUR BLENDS: CRISP WHITE, REISLING BLENDED WITH CHENIN BLANC, SWEET WHITE, PINOT GRIGIO BLENDED WITH MOSCATO, SUMMER RED, PINOT NOIR ROSE BLENDED WITH MOSCATO, AND BAREFOOT REFRESH PERFECTLY PINK, WHITE GRENACHE BLENDED WITH CHENIN BLANC AND MOSCATO. YOU CAN FIND IT ANYWHERE WINE IS SOLD AND IT’S ONLY $8 A BOTTLE. Tip#5 Keep it Hot. I like making white chicken chili. All I need is one electric burner and a large pot to cook it in. Food items can go bad if temps are high. So keep hot foods hot. Tip #6 Be clean and Organized. Bring a plastic tub to transport paper products and and load up the dirty stuff at clean up time. Find out more at Barefoot Refresher Wine at

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Tuesday Morning I will be up bright and early for a FALL CLEANING & HOME MAINTENANCE SMT. I will busting out the "old school" cleaning tricks with the latest and greatest methods....Did you know cleaning the windows with newspapers leaves ink residue on your windows and hands? Best way to clean windows? With a professional window squeegee like the pros do...Pesty insects like spiders like to set up a new home on your ceilings and can you prevent them from making your home look like a haunted house? Raid Max Bug Barrier...kills bugs that crawl across the treated surfaces...and did you know you can clean your hardwood surfaces with a home made more natural cleaner from dish soap? Dish soap has a PH of 7 making it a neutral cleaner with enough surfactants to get the dirt off without deteriorating your wood's beautiful finish...and when it comes to cleaning floors I will be demonstrating the new Shark Steam and Spray Mop it uses the power of steam with a gentle cleanser..for more tips like these go to on Tuesday morning the 17th of Sept.

Newsflash! I am excited to be the Host of Brand Integrations with show "Growing Bolder"

If your are a Baby Boomer you are going to love the new show that I am working with called "Growing Bolder"! The show was wildly successful airing on over 500 PBS stations and has now moved to commercial TV. Growing Bolder is packed with exciting, encouraging information and life changing stories. The show is hosted by award winning journalists. I am honored to be a part of the show and can't wait to give you more updates. You can check out the show and it's hosts at

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Cinderella Scrub Story--The Shark Sonic Duo

Does anyone remember the old days of scrubbing floors? You would get on your hands and knees with a scrub brush pail of cleaning solution and a whole lot of elbow power. Well no more. The Shark Sonic Duo scrubs 1000 times per minute and gets up even the hardest ground in grime off carpets and hard floors! Check it out at

Sizzlin Infomercial in Atlanta!

Today started off with a 3:30AM wake up call and a plane to Atlanta. Fin Branding hired me to do a 2 minute infomercial on their E-cig and it was a lot of fun. The E-cig is really a unique invention! I was surprised at the vapor it produces, it looks like realy smoke. It's perfect for people who are looking to save money on cigarettes while enjoying a puff without all the restrictions. Upon my arrival I was greeted by a Noah a great guy who works for Fin Branding. He took good care of me throughout the shoot. We had a great camera crew and a wonderful makeup artist, Micki. We stayed on schedule and had a smooth shoot my favorite kind! I can't wait to see the infomercial on TV!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mr. Reliable- Sensor Velocity V200 Suave, Sleek and Steamy Product Review

Product Rating: 5 star ***** My Husband and I are both steamed up about the new Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 iron from My husband irons daily and uses starch on his shorts, shirts and jeans! It made perfect sense that he should help with this product review. My guy has burned out and tossed out 3 irons in the last 4 years. At last he has met his perfect iron. His words, "I like it because the lights on it tell you exactly what is going on, the high steam features knocks out the wrinkles, and the sensors know when your hand is on the iron and stops when it isn't. It's also lightweight and doesn't leak water like every other iron I have ever owned. It notifies me when it is hot & ready. My last iron cost $100 and did nothing but delay my ironing." Now that you have a guy's point of view, here's my thoughts on the Sensor Velocity from Reliable. It's sleek, stable, and a smooth iron. You feel like a professional working at the Pro-cleaners when you are using it. The 360 cord helps iron with ease and the continuous steam is amazing. The iron is sleek and works if your left or right handed. Thumbs up on this iron. No Spitting or Leaking. SRP: $169

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Plans!!

Are you ready for Memorial Day weekend? Check out what Home Depot has to offer to get your home looking spiffy and comfy!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tune in Today to WGN 9 Chicago Midday news. I will be talking about Spring Cleaning and Allergies. Stay tuned I will be airing live from The Windy City! WGN was a fun station to visit! It's been years since I have done a segment and it felt good to be back at the studio. The segment was my last one on this media tour. It really was an adventuresome tour! All good things must come to an end in the ground tour media world! :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 New Trend Expanding your Outdoor Living Space!

It's Spring Time, and a great time to extend your outdoor Living Space! The 2013 design trend is moving your living space outside... Home Depot has just what you need! Check it out!

DETROIT fun fun fun

Detroit was such a fun city to visit! I really enjoyed visiting WKBJ Fox 2! It was a fun set with a surprise visit from Cheesie Lousiee on the set. She was making Yummo gourment grilled cheese sandwiches and they were a hit. It also turned out my anchor had allergies and she loved the segment with Spring allergy tips. Thanks Shark, CVS, Chloraseptic, Ocean Saline Spray, Kidde Worry Free Alarms. Next week WGN Chicago!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

City #3 Sacramento Here I Come!

This is my 3rd city and 4th Television segment on my media ground tour! I am really excited to visit Sacramento! Who knows what great adventures await?? ...stay tuned for updates!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Super Adventures in Cleveland

The city of Cleveland was a fun adventure! The city is really nice and the downtown area is vibrant with museums, restaurants and other fun things to do. The morning of my NBC 3 segment I went to the hotel gym. It was pretty boring and then terribly exciting when Superman walked in the door! April 18th was his 75th birthday. I don't think he looks a day over 35. Factoid---The creator of Superman is from Cleveland and I soon found out Superman is every where, he is a big celebrity in Cleveland! When I arrived at the NBC 3 station, We taped ( not live) the Spring Allergy segment due to the the Breaking News live from Boston(Hearfelt prayers to Boston at this time). It was good to see the producer, Clair Donovan (I hadn't been on the show since my book "White Couch with Kids" and she was so sweet then too!. Mike and Holly the hosts of "Live at Lakeside" did the Spring Allergy Healthy Home segment. It was a hoot! I can't wait to post the link as soon as it airs!! I was able to talk about Dust mite Teddy Bears, Ocean Nasal Spray to flush out allergens, Dirt on your shoes and Shark Sonic Duo, Kidde Worry Free CO Alarms to protect you from Carbon Monoxide poisonous gas and CVS Pharmacy New Total Home Line to keep things clean, plus Chloraseptic lozenges for those sore throats from post nasal drip .... many of the things you need for Spring! On my way home, Once again a delay into Chicago, due to weather. The airport PA system announced a 3:00PM Birthday Celebration with Superman in baggage claim. Cleveland loves Superman!!! Late arrival home, a sunset through the window airplane...and then like a flicker of light....on the horizon... a man, faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ... flying through the air with a smile on his face... A good day for Superman and I was glad to celebrate it with Cleveland!!! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#2 City Cleveland Ohio

Tomorrow morning off to Cleveland, Ohio to do a Segment on NBC Channel 3. Looking forward to visiting the city. Stay tuned for updates on this Whirlwind media tour!!

Boston Marathon

It's with much sadness I write this blog about the Boston Marathon. I've never had the honor to run it, but I do have friends who have qualified. Many athletes who race it have put countless hours in training and an intense commitment for something they love, running. Please keep these athletes in your prayers, their families and I believe that they will be running the Boston Marathon again!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

City # 1 Orlando

Good News, I am arriving in Orlando 10 minutes early, that means a lot to mean when I have to do hair and makeup before my studio tapings!!! The Daily Buzz crew is ready and I love working with all of them. Kelleigh, Q, David K, Jessica, Sharon, Donny, Natalie and the rest of the gang! Going to be doing some fun segments today on preventing Allergens and keeping your Home Healthier, Spring Cleaning, Nursing Mom vitamins, and Yummy Smart Ones Pizza to help keep you trim this Summer! Check back for video links to view! Follow me on Twitter with all my road trip updates!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 City Ground Media Tour--Tackling Spring Allergens and having a Healthy Home!

Next week I start my 5 city media tour and I can't wait! Millions of Americans suffer from Allergies and I will be sharing the secret culprits in your home that can trigger symptoms and some quick easy ways to combat them. It's all about having a healthy home at the end of the day! Where will I be? Orlando, Cleveland,Chicago and Sacramento! Check out my website, blog, Facebook and Twitter for on-the-road updates! TWITTER: @LauraDellutri FACEBOOK: Laura Dellutri YOUTUBE: Laura Dellutri

Combat Your Allergies this Season!

Itchy eyes, sneezing and a sore thoat, is it a cold or allergies? The only way to know is to get tested! Check out this Daily Buzz Video it includes MyAllergy Test kit, Zyrtec, and Germ Guardian air purifiers. All great ways to combat your allergies this season!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lawn and Garden Time!!

Last Week I spent time with Cheryl Garcia Manager of The Home Depot Store in Winterpark Florida. Cheryl gave me some great ideas for the Lawn and Garden! Check them out at this link!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tips for Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

Tips For Allergy/Asthma Sufferers Allergies and Asthma Are Nothing to Sneeze At!" If you are one of the 17 million people who suffer from asthma, or one of the 42 million people that suffer from allergies, then you need to know the correct way to "clean healthy" in your home. I call it environmental control. Here are some easy things you can do: 1. Keep air ducts and vent work clean. Clean them at least 2x per year for severe sufferers. Replace furnace filters monthly. Purchase allergen filters, such as the brand 3M, that capture all the airborne particles. 2. Keep dust collectors (knick-knacks) off the shelves and out of your home, or buy a "curio cabinet "with glass doors and keep them inside the cabinet. 3. Keep windows and doors closed during high pollen seasons. Take a shower and change clothes if you have been outside on a high pollen day. 4. 85% of household dirt comes from the bottom of shoes. Take your shoes off at the door and keep this dirt out of your home. 5. Wear a face mask when cleaning, especially when stirring up dust. 6. Purchase a vacuum with a hi-filtration, Micro filtration or HEPA filtration filter. 7. Wash all bedding in hot water (130 degrees) weekly. Purchase protective covers for pillows and mattresses. This will help kill the dustmites in the bed. 8. Use HEPA air purifiers that can filter the entire living area of your home. 9. Keep the carpets clean and "carpet protected" by certified carpet cleaners. 10.Periodically treat carpets with Allersearch-xmite or similar dustmite removal chemical, vacuum up the feces and mite bodies with a hi-filtration filter vacuum. 11. Get rid of heavy drapes and curtains. Choose blinds or light weight curtains. There will be less area for dust to accumulate. 12. Keep humidity low by using a dehumidifier or by keeping the air conditioning set at a lower temperature. The humidity level in the home should stay below 50%. You can buy a humidity level reader at most Home Depot or Lowe's stores. 13. Put exhaust fans/vents in the bathrooms and on top of the stove. Vent them to the outside and clean them monthly. 14. Vent clothes dryers and attic vents to the outside. 15. Houseplants are dust collectors. Have as few as possible (if any). 16. Use microfiber cloths which capture dust particles as opposed to old rags and cloths. 17. Shampoo pets weekly with an allergen control shampoo. Do not let pets sleep in your bedroom. 18. Remove carpets and rugs from those bathrooms which tend to capture moisture and don't ventilate properly. 19. Dust weekly to decrease the dust and reduce the allergen level. 20. Use anti-allergen cleaning chemicals to kill dust mites in your bedroom, on carpets and on upholstered furniture. 21. Keep carpet protector on all your carpets as a routine maintenance practice. Look for a brand that is a non-irritant.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Time Pollen Allergens!

Tips And Tricks For Avoiding Pollen Allergens Pollen is the most difficult airborne allergen to avoid, but there are still a number of things that you can do to minimize your exposure to pollen. In your home: Avoid open windows, attic fans, or any other unfiltered openings for pollen to get into your home. Instead, run your central air or a filtered window unit for air circulation. If you're torn between your allergies and the desire to open your windows on a pretty day, you can use window screen filters to keep pollen out. Use high efficiency disposable or permanent furnace filters to help clean pollen out of the air. Ducts and vents can harbor airborne allergens - economical vent filters placed on some (but not all) room registers will catch larger particles in your ductwork. Guard your bedroom as an allergy-safe zone... using a True Hepa Air Cleaner will capture 99.97% of all airborne allergens as small as .3 microns. That means not only pollen but also dust allergen, mold and animal dander in your home are removed. Don't dry your clothes on an outside line where they can collect pollen. Instead dry them in a vented dryer. Outdoor pets are covered in pollen. Wipe them down when you let them indoors and bathe them frequently. You should also avoid letting them track pollen onto your bed. When working outdoors: Avoid yardwork like mowing the lawn or raking leaves, which stirs up even more allergens than are already airborne. If you cannot avoid yardwork, wear a pollen mask. Take a shower when you come inside to remove pollen from your hair and skin. Use a nasal irrigation system to remove pollen from your nasal passages and prevent the sniffles. Your clothes and shoes collect pollen when you go out. When you get home, leave your shoes by the door and change clothes as soon as possible. This cuts down the time you spend in contact with pollen and the amount of pollen that you bring into your home. When you're going out: Keep car windows and sunroofs closed and the air on recirculate when traveling in your car to prevent pollen from making its way in. If that's not enough, consider using a portable HEPA air purifier that runs off the cigarette lighter in your car. Keep in mind that pollen is at its worst on windy days, because the wind stirs even more pollen and it travels further. And, pollen is at its best after a prolonged rain, because the rain washes the pollen out of the air. Pollen counts are also higher in the morning, so try to wait until afternoon to do outside activities. When planning your next vacation, consider traveling to areas like beaches where there is less pollen.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garage Cleaning & Organizing the Easy Way!

Five Steps to Cleaning Your Garage! When the nice weather breaks I always start my Spring Cleaning in the Garage before I clean the house. Most people start their Spring Cleaning inside the home. There is a method to my madness, dirty garages blow dust and dirt into a freshly spring cleaned home! Step #1 Empty your garage This is a laborious task, but do it! Take everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of your garage and put it in the driveway. Anything that you have not used in the last 2 years is time to give away. I usually put a "FREE STUFF" sign (or have a garage sale) on my corner and everything walks away! This year at the house wares show I found great garage organizers that are affordable. Most of these you can buy online at Sears! (Click picture to visit Sears Online) Step #2 Dumpster or Trash can? If you think I am kidding – think again! We all know someone who needs a dumpster pulled up to their home! If you have shelving in your garage this is best place to start off your cleaning adventure. Organize your shelving in a user friendly manner. You still need car doors to open and the ability to lug your groceries in without bumping into everything. Begin by sorting through everything on your shelves and categorize them into piles: kids stuff, toys, tools, miscellaneous, etc. Don't try to organize things on the shelf! This will only cause confusion and it will take more time. After you have removed items from the shelves, decide what to toss BEFORE putting it back on the shelf. When determining whether or not to keep something ask yourself these three simple questions: 1. Do I need this? 2. When is the last time I used it? (If more than 2 years, chances are you can live without it!) 3. Is it taking up space I don't have? Step #3 Start at the Top High dust, mid dust, then low dust. This is a systematic approach to dusting that will expedite the whole process (learn more about this tip and other great tips in Speed Cleaning 101) You may have a lot of dust, cobwebs, and dirt build up on your shelves so DO NOT start with anything wet. Making mud is not progressive! I recommend dusting all of your shelves with a Swiffer extension handle duster. Get the dust off first! Have a vacuum close by to suck up the dust and dirt and by all means wear a mask! You really don't want to breathe all those allergens. Once you've got all the dirt and debris up, you are going to want to wipe down all the surfaces. I suggest using paper towels first with water only for really neglected shelving. Then use wipes or an all purpose cleaner to wash all of the shelves. For any wood or porous shelving use a damp to wet cloth with a small amount of dish soap. Step #4 Move Things on the Floor I always start this step by moving any big appliance that sits on the floor out of my garage. Get them completely out of your way. This will make for a faster and more efficient clean. Wipe ANYTHING and EVERYTHING down. From refrigerators to tool boxes, there should be no dust or dirt on any of it. This is not as time consuming as it sounds. Just give everything a quick wipe down while it's in your driveway. You don't want to bring dirty things back into your clean garage, do you?! Then sweep, vacuum and clean your garage floor. My husband uses a leaf blower to get the dust out. I think he just likes using the power tools to do the job. He feels like RAMBO and TIM ALLEN at the same time. Step #5 Preventive Cleaning works best. Once the garage is clean, try to make a habit of giving it a quick vacuum and wipe down every few months. You will find your house will stay cleaner, and you won't have the big mess every Spring! Find more tips like this at

Is Your guy Mansome Handsome?

If he is, chances are he's taking too long in the bathroom!!! The Z'Fogless Water Mirro...It's a great way to help him multi-task so you can get in the bathroom sooner!

Spring Break is almost over but there's still time to book your summer vacation!

TOP 10 TIPS: Spring Cleaning

1. Get Organized -Use tools that will save you time.

2. Start at the top and work your way down.

3. Turn on some great music, enlist helpers, and make a chore list

4. Use extension dusters for the high surfaces.

5. Use vacuums that get behind and underneath your furniture. This will save wear and tear on your body!

6. Don't do windows the old fashioned way--newspaper leaves ink residue, paper towels leave lint behind--the best bet, microfiber cleaning cloths for small areas and a professional window squeegee for windows. That is the best way to get a streak free shine.

7. For hard floor surfaces, a Swiffer Wet Jet cleans better than a traditional mop and bucket. Just place a clean pad on the mop head and mop the floor. Say good-bye to bacteria ridden string mops forever!

8. Use lemon oil on all those porous wood surfaces that have suffered through the winter's dry heat. Not only will the lemon oil treat the wood and restore the moisture and shine to it, but it will cover most scratches from the pets or kids in the house that have "knicked up" your oak baseboards.

9. Tired of dusting so much? Maybe it's time to have your duct work cleaned. That will not only improve your indoor air quality, but it will help eliminate the dust that has settled in the vents and duct work.

10. 85% of the dirt that comes into your home comes from the bottom of shoes! No wonder those carpets always look so bad after the winter months! Call an ICCRC Certified Cleaner to come and thoroughly clean your carpets, and be sure to reapply carpet protector on the all carpeting. (Normal foot traffic and carpet cleaning removes the carpet protector from the fibers over time.)

Everyone notices my long eyelashes!