Friday, April 19, 2013

Super Adventures in Cleveland

The city of Cleveland was a fun adventure! The city is really nice and the downtown area is vibrant with museums, restaurants and other fun things to do. The morning of my NBC 3 segment I went to the hotel gym. It was pretty boring and then terribly exciting when Superman walked in the door! April 18th was his 75th birthday. I don't think he looks a day over 35. Factoid---The creator of Superman is from Cleveland and I soon found out Superman is every where, he is a big celebrity in Cleveland! When I arrived at the NBC 3 station, We taped ( not live) the Spring Allergy segment due to the the Breaking News live from Boston(Hearfelt prayers to Boston at this time). It was good to see the producer, Clair Donovan (I hadn't been on the show since my book "White Couch with Kids" and she was so sweet then too!. Mike and Holly the hosts of "Live at Lakeside" did the Spring Allergy Healthy Home segment. It was a hoot! I can't wait to post the link as soon as it airs!! I was able to talk about Dust mite Teddy Bears, Ocean Nasal Spray to flush out allergens, Dirt on your shoes and Shark Sonic Duo, Kidde Worry Free CO Alarms to protect you from Carbon Monoxide poisonous gas and CVS Pharmacy New Total Home Line to keep things clean, plus Chloraseptic lozenges for those sore throats from post nasal drip .... many of the things you need for Spring! On my way home, Once again a delay into Chicago, due to weather. The airport PA system announced a 3:00PM Birthday Celebration with Superman in baggage claim. Cleveland loves Superman!!! Late arrival home, a sunset through the window airplane...and then like a flicker of light....on the horizon... a man, faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ... flying through the air with a smile on his face... A good day for Superman and I was glad to celebrate it with Cleveland!!! :)

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