Thursday, June 5, 2014

GLUTEN -FREE PRODUCTS? What should I buy?

GLUTEN-FREE Life Style-try before you Buy!             By Laura Dellutri

Eating Gluten-Free has become a way of life for many of my friends, fans and family.  In fact, 2 million people in the US have Celiac Disease 1 in about every 133 people.  I felt compelled to address this topic in a blog because it can be a little overwhelming purchasing Gluten Free products at the grocery store.  The products can be a little expensive, and there is nothing more disappointing than buying an item, and not liking the taste of a Gluten-Free product.

This month I was working on a Segment for TV and I stumbled across a company named, Taste Guru.  They ship you a box of Gluten-Free products to try every month for as little as $25.  They sent me a box to review for my blog and I was totally impressed with the contents. The box content value was well over $25.   Here is a picture of a monthly box!

  There is Gluten-Free Pasta, Quinoa, Rosemary Truffle popcorn, Soy joy, Fruit trail mix, Chocolate and even Smores bars.  I am giving a thumbs up! It's a great way to sample Gluten Free items at a nominal cost,

Sample a variety of Gluten-Free Products at Taste

Savings Savvy Sista by Laura Dellutri


  If there is one thing you can call me it’s a Savings Savvy Sister!  I love a good deal and all the bragging rights that go with it.  Brag to your friends about all your great deals and save money for the activities you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on, simply by following my Savvy Sista tips!

1.     Your Go-To App!   A Savvy Sista knows how to seek out a good deal …whether you need a manicure, a good house cleaning, or a new garage door, the deal is out there.  It’s up to you to do the research by being a savvy shopper.  I start first with my ValPak phone app and check out the deals in my zip code then I choose two or three deals that pertain to what I need.

2.      Coupon Power   The power is in the coupon, but it’s up to you to be extra savvy.  Check expiration dates, look at days of the week, hours and restrictions.  You don’t want to show up somewhere and the deal is over or not honored.  This could turn your deal smile into a frown.

3.     Start a file System-   When I receive coupons in the mail for dry cleaning, hair- cuts nails and other personal services I put those in my purse in a plastic bag with coupons I save for Macy’s, Bed Bath etc… For bigger Spring Cleaning, Home Maintenance jobs I call in the professionals.  Those coupon deals go into a file system that I email to myself. 

4.     Share The Love on Line!  When I garage sale, or use a department store 30% off coupon on a 65% off clearance rack  or get a great discount with my ValPak coupons I experience a  “cheap” thrill.  Honestly, it’s not being cheap, it’s being savvy with the money I spend and there is a thrill of getting the best deal. When I see a deal on my ValPak coupons, I share the love. I text my girlfriends, Facebook or tweet about it with a photo of the deal and brag a little on the next girl’s shopping trip.  My neighbor and I send pics of what we purchased and “ooh” and ahh over the deals.  Being a Savvy Sister is fun and fulfilling, so get started shopping!