Monday, January 20, 2020

Consumer Electronics Show Hi-Tech Products for 2020

Jan 20, 2020 It's National Cheese Lovers Day

3 Travel Items You Can't Live Without When Traveling to a Foreign Country

Traveling to a foreign country can be exciting and challenging at the same time.  If you don't know the language, the laws, or the transportation system, you may find yourself a little out of your element.  Last week, I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and I found a few great products, to help ease traveling to a foreign country.

Tip #1  Bring your own Translator, with the Ambassador Translator by Waverly Products. The Ambassador is a high grade transition tool, that seamlessly processes speech with a cloud-based machine translation in the native language of the user.  Translations can be delivered in the ear or by text.  The unit offers 20 languages and 42 dialects.  Cost $199  You can also check out


 Tip #3   Bring a breathalyzer if your want to enjoy a cocktail and drive your car.  Each country has different rules and legislation regarding what the legal % of alcohol allowed in the system.  Olythe unveils its reusable, connected, accurate and reliable breathalyzer built around a patented infrared technology previously available only to police departments. When the blood alcohol content measured exceeds the limit, the app tells the user how much time is left before he or she can drive legally again, and how long it will take before their blood alcohol content returns to zero. OCIGO uses its unique miniaturized and patented infrared technology to deliver the 4-figure accuracy essential in international markets. This functionality works in tandem with geolocation to enable OCIGO to adjust automatically to align with the national and/or state legislation, and flags up any change in legislation as borders are crossed. For business users, OCIGO offers an online platform that enables breath tests to be scheduled, made randomly or on demand, thereby meeting the demanding requirements of automobile fleets, including automated reporting, facial recognition and on-demand tests. And since road safety knows no borders, OCIGO is now ready to cross the Atlantic!  $249 Euro