Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Tailgating Tips!

Football Season is here and that means Fall Tailgating is a must! I love Tailgating and pride myself in being the hostess with the mostest in all seasons and in all elements! Tip#1 Bring on the power. You need to have a power source for the crockpot, electric skillet, radio etc. Check out Sears Diehard Portable Power 1150 Tip#2 Bring the papertowels, and a bungee cord for the lift gate or tent awning. .. Tip#3 Keep the hot and cold contained! Certain items only taste good hot or cold. That is why I like a cooler that does both like the Coleman Chill Cooler. Tip #4 Cold Beverages for Adults. Skip the suds and pick up Barefoot Refresh a new and flavorful and light bodied wine by Barefoot. It is best served cold or over ice. Think of it as Barefoot's WIne Spritzer lightly carbonated and totally refreshing. There are FOUR BLENDS: CRISP WHITE, REISLING BLENDED WITH CHENIN BLANC, SWEET WHITE, PINOT GRIGIO BLENDED WITH MOSCATO, SUMMER RED, PINOT NOIR ROSE BLENDED WITH MOSCATO, AND BAREFOOT REFRESH PERFECTLY PINK, WHITE GRENACHE BLENDED WITH CHENIN BLANC AND MOSCATO. YOU CAN FIND IT ANYWHERE WINE IS SOLD AND IT’S ONLY $8 A BOTTLE. Tip#5 Keep it Hot. I like making white chicken chili. All I need is one electric burner and a large pot to cook it in. Food items can go bad if temps are high. So keep hot foods hot. Tip #6 Be clean and Organized. Bring a plastic tub to transport paper products and and load up the dirty stuff at clean up time. Find out more at Barefoot Refresher Wine at

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Tuesday Morning I will be up bright and early for a FALL CLEANING & HOME MAINTENANCE SMT. I will busting out the "old school" cleaning tricks with the latest and greatest methods....Did you know cleaning the windows with newspapers leaves ink residue on your windows and hands? Best way to clean windows? With a professional window squeegee like the pros do...Pesty insects like spiders like to set up a new home on your ceilings and can you prevent them from making your home look like a haunted house? Raid Max Bug Barrier...kills bugs that crawl across the treated surfaces...and did you know you can clean your hardwood surfaces with a home made more natural cleaner from dish soap? Dish soap has a PH of 7 making it a neutral cleaner with enough surfactants to get the dirt off without deteriorating your wood's beautiful finish...and when it comes to cleaning floors I will be demonstrating the new Shark Steam and Spray Mop it uses the power of steam with a gentle cleanser..for more tips like these go to on Tuesday morning the 17th of Sept.

Newsflash! I am excited to be the Host of Brand Integrations with show "Growing Bolder"

If your are a Baby Boomer you are going to love the new show that I am working with called "Growing Bolder"! The show was wildly successful airing on over 500 PBS stations and has now moved to commercial TV. Growing Bolder is packed with exciting, encouraging information and life changing stories. The show is hosted by award winning journalists. I am honored to be a part of the show and can't wait to give you more updates. You can check out the show and it's hosts at