Sunday, September 15, 2013


Tuesday Morning I will be up bright and early for a FALL CLEANING & HOME MAINTENANCE SMT. I will busting out the "old school" cleaning tricks with the latest and greatest methods....Did you know cleaning the windows with newspapers leaves ink residue on your windows and hands? Best way to clean windows? With a professional window squeegee like the pros do...Pesty insects like spiders like to set up a new home on your ceilings and can you prevent them from making your home look like a haunted house? Raid Max Bug Barrier...kills bugs that crawl across the treated surfaces...and did you know you can clean your hardwood surfaces with a home made more natural cleaner from dish soap? Dish soap has a PH of 7 making it a neutral cleaner with enough surfactants to get the dirt off without deteriorating your wood's beautiful finish...and when it comes to cleaning floors I will be demonstrating the new Shark Steam and Spray Mop it uses the power of steam with a gentle cleanser..for more tips like these go to on Tuesday morning the 17th of Sept.

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