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Multitasking Millennial Mom Spring Cleaning Hacks!

Multitasking Millennial Mom Spring Cleaning Hacks               


By Laura Dellutri


Spring Cleaning?  How can you fit that in your busy life? Here's the secret.... Multi-tasking by minutes.  You do it every day of your life.   Think about it, you feed the baby, while you read Buzz Feed while holding your 3 year old who is playing Angry birds on your smartphone, while you are eating a sandwich.  4 tasks in less than a minute!  You are savvy, and part of the best multi-tasking generation ever.  You can Spring Clean your home by incorporating cleaning minutes into your daily multi-tasking routines.

Gone are the days of all day Spring Cleaning. Don't feel pressed to meet Mom's or Grandma's expectations. It's your home, your world, and it is totally different than theirs was. Do what you can, when you can.  Stand at the front door and look at your home visually.  How does it look? Does it smell odor free?  Get those two things under control and you will appear domesticated and spiffy to guests. 


Look at it like you are shopping on Amazon for an Iron Man Mask for your Super Hero. You can do that whole transaction in less than 5 minutes.  That's all you need is 5 minutes and your house will become magically cleaned in small increments by multi-tasking.  


If you have been feeling pressed about cleaning, incorporate these tips in your multi-tasking day and be sure to SHARE me with all your social media friends!




   Swiffer 360° Dusters Starter Kit

TOOL:                Vacuum and Swiffer dry Duster unscented.  Velcro Swiffer360  Extension duster and small duster to the side of the vacuum. 

TECHNIQUE:     As you vacuum, hit only the traffic areas.  Skip the rest, it's not that dirty.  Once a month, vacuum all the carpet. Get that dangling cobweb, dust the TV screen, multi-tasking at it's finest.  Plus, Swiffer dry dusters unscented are certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America AAFA.  They trap and lock up to 70% of inanimate allergens from surfaces, which is 2x more that a dusting cloth and 3 times more than a feather duster.  Triple Multi-tasking at it's finest, remove allergens, dust and vacuum!  YAAS!




TOOL:                        One wet cloth dipped in baking soda solution (4 cups water mix in  

                                           1/4 cup soda bowl)- 1 dry cloth

TECHNIQUE:             Remove food from one shelf at a time, wipe shelf, dry, wipe bottom

                                   of containers, jars and bottles, then replace on shelf.
                                    Start at top shelf working way down.
                                   Repeat for drawers and doors.  No rush, when you have the time.

Inside Dimensions:


TOOL:                       1 cloth and coffee cup of water.

TECHNIQUE:            Microwave bowl/cup on high 2-4 minutes till over boiling.  Remove (be careful).  Wipe clean interior splatters.  Seriously. Seriously.


              Interior of a modern ovenSeasonal & Holidays

TOOL:                     Self clean oven (manufacturer's suggested time) with oven racks inside.  After the oven has cooled spray LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner ( buy for $1.00 at Dollar Tree), Cloth, plastic putty knife, scrubby pad. Thick paper towels.

TECHNIQUE:          Spray oven racks before you go to bed, when you wake up wipe ashes and top and bottom of rack clean with wet paper towels.  You don't even need to take the racks out!  Yes, really.  It sounds too easy.

EASIER:                   Buy a silicone oven liner.  I can't live without one. They wipe clean when soiled, no scrubbing or oven cleaning needed!  EVAH!



TOOL:                     Dishwasher Magic, it magically works, and you need only unscrew the cap.
TECHNIQUE:          Take off cap place in Dishwasher upside down as directed.   Run cycle.  Removes
                                disgusting food, rust, scale and lime. Yaaaas.



        New Febreze Fabric Refresher Allergen Reducer (Photo: Business Wire)    Furniture Nugget Fabric

TOOL:                            Febreze Fabric Refresher Allergen Reducer, unscented.

TECHNIQUE:                 Spray on all the soft surfaces, drapes, furniture, carpets, pet beds and even your child's stuffed toys to remove up to 95% of inanimate allergens from surfaces.  Febreze is  certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America as asthma and allergy friendly .  Multi-task it people!!!  Get rid of the stinky dog smell and litter box odors while reducing inanimate allergens in the home.



      Ceramic Cooktop - CH805CE-

TOOL:  EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner & Conditioner
TECHNIQUE: Allow cooktop surface to cool before cleaning. Remove baked-on foods with a nylon scraper. Apply small amount of eco-friendly (100% biodegradable) cleaner with damp sponge and rub in circular motion. Wipe excess and buff with a clean cloth. Voila!  Sparkling clean for all your spring parties (since everyone gathers in your kitchen, anyway)!


119204XZ GE Drip Pans Con.
      dirty stove top by sisterlisa,

TOOL:                             Buy 4 brand new drip pans, cloth and glass cleaner.

TECHNIQUE:                  Lift off electric coil, take off dirty drip pan, wipe stove underneath.  Replace pans, spray cleaner and wipe clean. Tell your friends.


        over the gas stove.2fac9665-6cd5-4069-be87-4d954 ...

TOOL:                             Buy 4 brand new drip pans, cloth and glass cleaner.

TECHNIQUE:                 Lift off electric coil, take off dirty drip pan, wipe stove underneath.  Replace pans, spray cleaner and wipe clean.



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