Monday, September 8, 2014


The laundry just keeps piling up and the socks keep getting lost.  What's a person to do?
1. Wear your clothes more than once. As long as your clothes do not retain bad odors you can certainly wear them more than once! To eliminate outdoor smells from your clothes and keep them fresh-smelling, use a Bounce® Sheet with Febreze™ or Spray with Febreze to freshen before wearing.

                    2. Clean only what is dirty. When items look worn and have lost their shape, it’s time to clean them.

3. For fresh food and drink spills, pick up an instant stain remover like Tide to Go® which can remove these stains and allow you to re-wear items.

4. Wear jeans and pants more than one day. Yes, even the most fashion-conscious celebrities on TV have confessed to wearing jeans 4-7 times before washing! If they can, so can you!

5. Use scented laundry detergents. I find that Tide Simple Pleasures™ Vanilla and Lavender gives my clothes a really fresh and fragrant scent.

6. Inspect your children's clothes in the dirty laundry basket. Sometimes children may toss clothes into the hamper to avoid hanging them back up! If you think the clothes look clean and they smell fresh, re-hang or re-fold. They will never know the difference.

7. Children can do laundry too! Encourage your children to wash their own clothes once they start Jr. High. Teach them this task-starting early is the key to getting kids to like laundry. Younger children can even fold washcloths and clean your lint filter. That's fun to them!

8. Reuse towels. Hotels do it, so can you.  Bathroom towels can be hung to dry and then used again, conserving energy and protecting the environment.

9. Purchase king size capacity washing machines that are High Efficiency (HE) labeled. Not only are these machines energy efficient money savers, but most models also offer double laundry load capacity. This is what I like the best---cutting your laundry time in half! I like extra large capacity Washing machines that can do 2 laundry basket loads at once! It’s important to remember that you must use an HE specific laundry detergent in these machines. Regular laundry detergent creates excess suds and is not considered safe for your HE washing machine. Good news, there’s Tide® HE, a line of laundry detergents that are formulated specifically for HE machines that still give the cleaning power you want.
10. Prioritize! When all else fails, take your laundry to a drop off laundry service or hire someone to come into your home and do your laundry. Even if you don’t have the time or energy to get it done on your own, you are assured the task is being accomplished.

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