Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Renewed and Re-Motivate

If you fell off the fitness wagon shortly after New Year’s, not to worry. Beach season is still a few months away. Shed a few pounds and learn how an active body keeps the stress away. I like to give myself a Mini-Spring makeover to get me Summer-beach ready, so I can feel confident and good about myself.

  1. Energize with Exercise! It doesn’t matter if you start a Zumba class, join a fitness center or start walking 3 miles a day. What does matter is you will look great and feel energized with a new work-out routine. Don’t have time? Wake up an hour earlier, you will be glad you did. Look for great fitness coupons for classes in your ValPak mailer.
  2. 30 days of Healthy Eating You can do anything for 30 days! It’s not forever. Eating healthy is easy if you meal plan the month, pack low calorie snacks and NEVER be hungry. Eating low calorie 6 times a day will stave off hunger and the results with exercise can make you feel great when you look in the mirror. Check out ValPak businesses that offer the nutritional 30 day meal plan, to help you stay on track.
  3. Flaunt your Assets Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with you, focus on what’s right! Do you have pretty eyes? Accentuate them with a new style of eye make-up or mascara that makes your eyes stand out. Is your hair long, thick or a beautiful color? Try a new hair style that showcases your hair or add a new color! Is your smile gorgeous? Try a new lip liner and lip stain to accent them.
  4. Get the Summer Glow Are you self -conscious about “white legs” or “cellulite”? Stop stressing and start camouflaging. Tanned bodies look smoother, sleeker and beach ready. Let’s face it, a little fat always looks better tanned. Spray tans, self-tan creams and tanning beds offer solutions to imperfections. You can try a variety of tan options and get a great savings by checking out ValPak coupons in your zip code.

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