Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Things!

Spring is officially here!  That means it’s time to get all the Spring Cleaning chores done without getting stressed out and feeling overwhelmed.   Take a deep breath, maintain a sense of calm, and enlist the help of family members and professionals where needed.  
Here’s a sample checklist to get you started;

1.             Garage:   This is the first place you start.  You don’t want to drag more dirt and blowing dust in your fresh cleaned home.  Most people use the garage as an entrance, so technically it’s the best place to start. Empty everything in driveway, donate or trash unused items. Organize, sweep and hose floor, and replace your items more organized than before.  If you don’t have the time or energy to do the work, go to Valpak phone app or coupon mailer for a cleaning service or professional organizer.
2.             Windows and Screens:  Get a pro window squeegee and learn how to use on line.  Wipe all screens and windowsills with all-purpose cleaner in a bucket with a cloth.  Vacuum dead bugs and cobwebs.  If you lack window cleaner skills, call a pro.
3.             Ceiling to Floor:   Start high since dust and dirt fall.  Start cleaning ceiling fans, lights, then shelving and crown molding, wash walls with a flat microfiber mop, then clean baseboards with damp cloth with all-purpose cleaner.
4.             Clean the Carpets:  Time to call in the Pros! I go to my ValPak app on my phone to find savvy savings and professional service.   To maintain the carpet cleanliness, purchase carpet protector spray at a home improvement store.  Spills will stay on top of carpet fibers and can be easily cleaned by patting with a dry cloth.
5.             Closet Chaos:  Organize the closets.  Remove everything.  Throw out empty shoeboxes, mismatched hangers. General rule:  If you haven’t worn in 2 years, give away or donate.  Wipe shelves and replace much more organized than you found it!
6.             Appliances:    Clean interiors, exteriors.  Be sure to clean dryer lint filter in dryer and the liquid powder dispensers in your washing machine.  For HE washers use a special cleaner to remove odors.

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