Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter Food Hacks! "Pie-Jacking" your Deserts Easily!

Easter is a fun time of year, it signifies the start of Spring and children's laughter as they gleefully hunt for Easter eggs.  The pastel plastic eggs, bunny ears and baskets dominate the grocery store aisles.   This year I have been incredibly busy and I just started putting together the Easter  dinner menu with recipes on Facebook.  Usually I go a little overboard, homemade coconut cake, carrot cake and  at least 2 pies from scratch!  I am still making the carrot cake, but my other deserts have changed!
This year I found out about a new food in town and it isn't on the dinner menu- in fact, it's hijacking all the deserts on my list.  Inspired by the latest food trend, I am "pie-jacking" other popular foods and deserts this Spring for an incredible pie embellishments and a  mash-up dessert sensation! 

It all starts with Marie Callender's  pies, because they use high-quality ingredients to create meals and desserts that smell and taste just like homemade so that your family can slow down and savor together.  My Easter desert's will never be the same!  I "pie-jacked" their chocolate cream pie.  It already has special touches like made-from-scratch lattice crust and hand-placed chocolate curls to help make them look just like homemade.  All I did, was get vanilla wafers, chocolate frosting and chocolate eggs and Voila!  Flowers on the pie!



    This spring, add your own special touch to your Marie Callender’s pie – from a fun topping to using it as the base for a customized dessert mash-up – to enhance any family occasion.  Check out these creations I found on their website.

  Find more tips on the Marie Callender’s Meals Facebook page or
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