Tuesday, January 27, 2015


 Your  2015 Weight Resolutions... 

It's Jan 27, 2015 and that is just about 4 weeks into the year, a time to take stock and reflect on our New Year's resolutions.   Was your resolution losing weight?  How is that going? I keep losing 4 pounds and gaining 3 pounds back.  It's time to get serious and keep it off.  Going to restaurants for dinner or on the road, is causing me to stumble.  The menu and I, we just don't work together on healthy choices.  FRENCH FRIES is the only thing I see on the menu.  The healthy items bore me, and I skim right over them when it comes to dinner choices.

 If you are struggling too, and need some extra motivation to take off that next 5 pounds, try these tips!   
Here are my top 5 tips to help you love your scale and not hate it!
1.  Eat your largest meal before 2 PM.  After that stave off hunger with 100 calorie options like fruit, veggies and yogurt.  Give your body less, as your metabolism slows down at night.
2.    Keep your portions the size of your palm.  Yes, less is best.  One pound is 3500 calories. Do the math.
3.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Yes, 8.

4.  Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Start a new fitness routine, increase endurance and move forward with a goal of being fit for life. Stay off the couch for hours, if you must watch TV, do it while you are lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, or doing sit ups.

5. Self Talk yourself up!  You are a champion, tell yourself that over and over again when you feel like quitting.  Rebuke your negative thinking, let nothing stop you, not even you.    

PS. And, I am staying out of restaurants that serve French fries!
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